Sognando un Giorno ...

Spesso nella mia mente, in quel vasto impero, si creano connessioni particolari e ambiziose. Comincio ad immaginare una possibile sfilata, riesco ad immaginare i dettagli.
Penso alla collezione, alla sua progettazione, dal filo conduttore al concetto e alla parte pratica, stoffa, costo, vestibilità o spettacolarità di un abito, o entrambe.
Seguendo un moodboard faccio dei collage di immagini e schizzi, ispirata da queste immagini trovate sul web.

Poi passo allo step successivo. Location, scenografia (spesso asettica, industriale, meccanica che contrasta con la possibile morbidezza dei tessuti) e soprattutto musica. Io ho deciso che un giorno... quel giorno Lui accompagnerà le mie sfilate Denny Loco, oltre ai Disclosure (scherzo...?)!

Adesso prendete delle vecchie e care cuffie, cliccate e ascoltate. Io immagino già tutto prendere vita!

Denny Loco is back with his new label Gospell Plus featuring Salvo Rizzuto aka Freedom Or Not on vocals! F.O.N. represents a combination of natural mediterranean vibe and strongly deep passion for American Black Music and mixes very well with Denny Loco s underground house music style. This mix has produced a project with a new, fresh and positive style, a free style without links to any specific genre of music, suitable for everyone. This is just the beginning, keep an eye on these guys.

Artist: Denny Loco feat F.O.N.
Name: Feeling In You
Label: Gospell Plus+

Directed: Salvo Allegrezza and Danilo Pizzo
Editing and shooting: Salvo Allegrezza

Denny Loco feat F.O.N. - No Turning Back
NExt release: 20/11/2013 By Gospell Plus

The deep sound of Denny Loco 6 Salvo Rizzuto aka F.O.N. is again on your way! One more song, one more journey to share between djs & music lovers out there. The original mix of No Turning Backis characterized by strong lyrics perfectly framed into a basic music construction of old-school rhythms and floating piano chords. The simple arrangements serve the song at his best and Rizzuto''s vocal stands out for the very personal tone and the inspired interpretation. On the remix side Denny Loco and his mate Pj make the drums, loops and hypnotic chords the main ingredients giving back a solid track ready for the hottest dancefloors while Filippo Nardi aka Uncle Dog turns the track into a slammin electro flavoured tune not to be missed. The radio edit complete the package. Here comes the sound of Gospell Plus! Supported by Slam, Eddie Hu, Sisio, RichVomDorf, Into The Groove, Laurent N., Michele Iocolano, Silvano Delgado, Salvo Buonocore, Datamatrix, Steve Cole, Bebetta, Robert Grand & more!


email: info@gospellrecords.com



Regia e montaggio: SA DSGN


Buon ascolto!

English text: Often in my mind, in that vast empire, creating connections details and ambitious. I begin to imagine a possible parade, I can imagine the details.

I think of the collection, with its design, the underlying theme to the concept and the practical part, cloth, cost, or spectacular fit of a dress, or both.
Following a moodboard do collages of images and sketches, inspired by these images found on the web.Then step to the next step. Location, setting (often tank, industrial, mechanical, which contrasts with the possible soft tissue) and especially music. I decided that one day ... that day He will accompany my parades Denny Loco, in addition to the Disclosure (joke ...?)!Now take care of the old and headphones, click and listen. I guess it all come to life!Happy listening!

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